Intruder alarms are installed to deter a potential burglar from attempting to gain entry to your premises. If a burglar can see a burglar alarm, it will make them think twice about breaking into a property. A burglar does not want to draw attention to themselves, if they can find an easier target they will take it.Intruder alarms and systems can be fitted to any domestic or commercial property. Intruder systems are designed to detect an unauthorised presence in an area and raises an alarm.

An effective Intruder Alarm System should be bespoke and designed accordingly to reduce, and if not to eliminate, the likely risks. PSTV Ltd also take into account day to day business use of the premises or the occupants lifestyle, so that the system remains first and foremost cost-effective, yet user-friendly, simple and trouble free in operation at all times. Our burglar alarms are professionally designed and installed to suit your home or business we will tailor a solution to your own specific needs. We will assess the particular risks your premises and operations present, and build a solution around them combining proven techniques with leading edge technology. Our approach ensures that your system is user-friendly, simple, trouble free and effective at protecting your home or business.

PSTV Ltd offer a free survey, design and advisory service with a comprehensive range of intruder alarms and detection systems from many of the UK’s leading manufacturers. These are priced and designed individually to meet the necessary requirements of each client.

PSTV provide a range of high quality security systems for your home or business can either be remotely monitored via our Monitoring Centre or Audible Only Systems. Our range includes the installation of Intruder Alarms, Digital Communicators, DualCom, Redcare (GSM) and redcare home monitoring,Wirefree Alarms,

Installing quality security systems is an investment in the safety and security of your premises. It is a long term investment that will reduce the risk of being the victim of crime and will bring considerable peace of mind. Before deciding on the type of intruder alarm to install check with your insurance company first.