Chris's London Marathon Training 31/1/15

I can't believe it's the end of January. This month I have managed to clock up 147 miles. My longest run this month was 24km (nearly 15 miles). The training is moving on quite well, after building a good base to September culminating in the Robin Hood Half Marathon at the end of September. October was a quiet month for training due to resting and a cold. During November I eased back into training running 80 miles and carried on in December running 115 miles. I even managed an 8 mile run on Boxing Day around Eastwood, Brinsley and Moorgreen. But at the end of December the snow came which meant some runs on the treadmill at Heanor Leisure Centre. It's definitely been easier to run in the mornings when the weather is dry and sunny, also the days are starting to get a little longer which is great.

During December I hardly saw anyone else out running but then on the first Sunday of the New I went running and there were loads of people all with the same idea, I wonder how long most people new year’s resolutions last?

This will be my first marathon although I have run some 10k and half marathon races before. It may sound stupid but the amount of training required is a lot more than the shorter races. This makes it not only physically difficult but with busy lives it is difficult to find the time to fit in the runs required on the training plan. To juggle work, family training and fundraising is a tricky thing to do. Someone a lot wiser than me once said that the hardest part of running is putting your shoes on. Whilst out running your mind does have a tendency to wander such as will I be able to finish, why am I running in the snow, what time will I finish in, is this a good idea as the first bloke ever to do a marathon died, but there have been a lot of advances in footwear, training and diet plans since 490BC

To kick start this month’s training we have decided to stop drinking. I have not had a drink now since 28th December. I did miss a beer at the start but not so much now, there are still times now when I would love a beer. But not to worry Dry January is nearly over.

This month we have passed two milestones. The first was we broke through the £1000 raised on our fundraising page and we are now closing in on the halfway point £1750. The second was 100 days to go to the big day.

We have recently launched our Facebook page and our Guess the Time sweepstake, PSTV has donated a prize of £200 for the winner. Please have a go the details are at

This month the BLF setup a facebook group for their runners to share their stories, pictures and training experiences. The stories of people who have lost relatives to lung diseases and why people are competing are very moving and inspiring.

At the end of February we are going to London for training day. We will be meeting the people at the charity and our fellow runners and fundraisers. Hopefully we will get more information about marathons and the race day. Even further ahead as preparation for the big day we are both running the Ashby 20 on Sunday March 22nd.

Before I published this I asked Steph to read it she said that it needed more be a little more humorous so just for Steph, here’s a joke it’s Luke’s favourite.

What do cows like to dance to?



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