Steph's London Marathon Training 12/4/15

I have been having physio on my calf for the last 4 weeks or so, and whilst it's costing a fortune £33 a time and I have to be peeled off the ceiling whilst I'm there due to the pain she inflicts on me, it's actually really helped. My calf is still tight and I'm still suffering with plantar fasciitis in my foot (it's so painful especially in a morning when I can't bear putting my foot on a cold tiled floor) but I'm back running, never thought I'd say yippee but it's a good feeling, when I wasn't running all I saw was runners everywhere, it's the same as when I was trying to conceive my babies, all I ever saw was pregnant women! 

Have had some good runs over the past few weeks, I upped the mileage very quickly from zero, physio said try 3 slowly, then if that's ok try 5 a couple of days later, then if ok try 8. That all felt ok so the following weekend I tried 12, then 15.2 last weekend ( was supposed to be 14 but Amelia said she would buy me a big bar of chocolate if I ran 15 so 15 it was - I love chocolate! And today ( Good Friday, or Bad Friday as the kids call it "how can it be a good day Mummy when Jesus died" - a very good question don't you think,  I ran / walked 17.8 miles, my furthest yet! So proud of myself, did it in the rain, got drenched in Brinsley by a man deliberately driving a truck through a puddle next to me, wanted to stop for chips in Larkfields ( where I used to go for a chip butty with my best mates Deb, Dan and Janey when we were at school); wanted to stop for a wee at the public toilets in Kimberley but they were locked only to be opened by a smart key - I mean who has a God damn smart key in their pocket? I didn't have time to hang around, the clock was ticking! Saw the Easter bunny in Newthorpe (surreal moment), he got out of his car, waved at me ( I waved back, couldn't help myself), went down someone's drive, promptly turned around and wagged his bum at the boy looking out the window - bizarre! I had a lot of time to think and decided to make sure I said hello to everyone I passed. Every runner gave me that knowing "you're as crazy as me running in the rain" look, walkers mainly just smiled sympathetically, but it's mostly the men who said hello, not so many of the women. Maybe they were scared off by the red faced frothing at the mouth crazy woman running towards them. Had two of the Lucozade gels, not quite so disgusting as the others, and snacked on some " go faster" jelly beans.  I didn't go faster, so I'm sending them back for my money back!!!

I've been going to Aqua Jogging - was very sceptical about it but was told by a top coach that it was a great non impact workout for the legs. Now I'm not a cocky person, far from it, but the first time I went I was surrounded by, dare I say, women of a certain age and size who all seemed to be bobbing along nicely with two dumbbell floats jogging away in deep water. The instructor told me I would need a belt if I hadn't done it before ( to keep me upright). I didn't want to look like a novice so I told her I was a strong swimmer and as I was running a marathon I would have a strong core. She looked me up and down and said in an " alright if you insist" voice, " ok!" I have to say it was so much harder than I thought, my thighs were burning and it was tough! I later found out that the bigger you are the easier it is as you are more buoyant . Well that's it then, I must be slim, ha ha! 

Fund raising has been brilliant, my cheese and wine was a great success, though I didn't beat my sister and Barbs coffee morning trounced us all. We're now at around £4500 and I have declared myself chief fund raiser, I just wish I was as good at running as I am at fund raising!

I've also decided that I am retiring from Marathon running on Monday 27th April - it's a one day only career - how ever we have found time to train having two young children is beyond me - feel they have suffered a little, weekends tend to be taken up with one or the other of us training or at the gym or collapsing in a heap to stretch out, (that's normally me being licked by the dog who normally sits virtually on top of me until  I fuss her! ) 

I went out with Chris on one of the only runs we've ever done together ( kids at Grandmas) and he said he would run with me - went down the canal, not his brightest idea as it had been raining for days and got my pretties really muddy! Think he got fed up of my moaning so we decided to turn back and go along a bridle path instead. The cheeky monkey took two phone calls whilst we were running, the customers he was talking to had no idea he was running as he was speaking completely normally to them! That just shows how slow we were running ( at my pace!)

I've bought some race day under the knee leggings to wear with my sexy calf sleeves   ( I look enough of a sight as it is without have my pasty white knobbly knees on show!) 

I've bought some new orthotics to put in my pretties to force my right ankle into the correct position to ease the pain a little ( due to the over pronation and collapsed arch and plantar fasciitis) Went to Aqua Jogging and Aqua Mix tonight and am knackered - it's really tough - doing press ups, the plank, upper cuts, jogging backwards, treading water with your hands in the air, these women of a certain age and size are hardcore! 

Am hoping to start the taper tomorrow, just a 13 mile run tomorrow ( I love it, fancy saying " I'm just running a half marathon", as if it's easy!) We'll see eh? Doing another collection in Tesco Heanor on Saturday, wonder whether the clientele will be any different to those at M&S...... I shall report back! Also doing a cheese and wine / pamper day at my cousins house to raise more funds. Oh yes and did a weigh in of clothes at the new "clothes for cash" place in a little s*** hole in Heanor and the woman had the audacity to reject some of the stuff I took as they had "bobbles" or were worn. She even rejected some of the shoes which were worn, and gave me a measly £21! Although she's local I'll be going back to my nice man in Ilkeston who isn't quite so picky, I mean I know it's for a good cause but they pay such a pittance and most of the stuff I take is such good quality. It's sacrilege really ! 

April 9th - done my 13 mile run in the heat today, if it's this warm on race day I'm scuppered! Adding to my random things i saw on my long runs list, today I bumped into Nigel Mills, MP for Amber Valley, didn't stop though to give him my opinion. It was a really tough run, but after I'd done it I went to slimming world for my weigh in and found I'd lost 2.5 lbs! Result! That's obviously the secret, run a half marathon before every weigh in and you'll find you've lost a couple of lbs in sweat, every cloud and all that.....though it's an extreme way of doing slimming world, not sure it'll catch on!

April 12th - our tesco bucket shake was cancelled! Booooo! The head office had already booked Air Cadets to do a bag pack, looks like we need to rearrange that one then! 

My cousin held her wine and canapés afternoon which was a massive success and we raised an amazing £447! And I got a lovely soak in her hot tub and some time in her sauna too. Great day, loved it, we've got to be well over £5000 now - we're really good at this fund raising business!