Steph's London Marathon Training 5/3/15

Back fundraising again, did the Belper indoor carboot 8th Feb, meant getting up at 5.15, (there is only one 7 o'clock in my day, let alone 5 o'clock . Took barb (mum in law) along too and off we pootled in Chris' van at 6.30 to be there for 6.45. The van was chocca, we'd paid for two pitches as I meant business and it took forever to set it all up! Ended up leaving quite a bit of stuff in the van, we def had the biggest pitch and we made, wait for it, in 4 hours selling, a profit of £73!!! L A little soul destroying, and it took ages to pack it all away (we were last out, they were clearing away the tables around us), and now our loft is bursting at the seems. Still on the upside, did my fastest 10k later, 1 hr 4 mins which I didn't think was bad given the obscene hour we fell out of bed!

Ended up doing very little training that week( apparently it was a taper week to get my body used to the training - who am I to argue with the training plan !). Also helped cos kids were off school and more events to organise! My sister held a cheese and wine evening and raising a brilliant £364, she was pretty smug about it, not to be outdone I  will be inviting everyone I know to mine in a bid to outdo her total! Ha ha! 

We then did a "bag pack" at M&S, again arranged by Heather and raised £337 in 3 hours, woohoo! Now you can understand the disappointment of £73 at the car boot which was much more hard work! Heather and I started first both standing at the end of a till with our buckets asking very politely "would you like any help packing Sir?" At a guess probably 1 in 20 agreed to being helped, I felt like I wanted to cry, it seems a lot of the people of Ilkeston M&S either a) don't like help, or b) are very particular about their packing. The odd one engaged fully and let me pack, lots gave money cos they felt sorry for me standing there like a spare part, and the odd one emptied their change in the bucket!  Heather and I weren't doing brilliantly (it seemed like hard work) so when Chris turned up we decided it would be his worst nightmare having to stand and engage with strangers and pack their bags (under their watchful eyes) so we stood him in the foyer and ordered him to stand with his bucket (and not shake it coz customers don't like it). The smug git captured all the little old ladies and the young ones too who said to me and Heather "ooooh sorry duck I promised that nice young man I'd put some money in his bucket!" and he raised around £160 in about 2 hours!!!!! Now I don't quite know what he was promising them, or whether he provided a little bit of eye candy for the little old ladies of Ilkeston but he smashed it. Everyone seemed to want to put their money in his bucket, as it was Valentine's Day my conclusion was that they felt sorry for him, thinking he didn't have a home to go to, ha ha! 


Went out for a run later and felt my calf was tight , didn't really do anything about it then the following day did 10k and it really cramped, finished the run ( had the visions of my fateful half marathon with the bad calf) and decided to take the rest of the week off running. Am now panicking cos I have missed my 14 mile run this weekend and the whole world seems to be running halves, 16, 18 miles in about 3 and a half minutes and all loving it! My longest run is 12 miles and that was about 3 weeks ago! I've now decided with 9 weeks to go I need to work on my core strength so have been to the gym yesterday and today. Funny incident in the gym, could only happen to me, lying on the floor with a rather large exercise ball between my legs (J), the idea is to raise my legs to the ceiling and collect the ball and then take it back over my head, returning my legs to the ground, then repeat and pass it back to my legs, only I didn't, and ball took a little trip of it own! Thankfully it didn't go far, though could have been so much worse as there was a fella behind me 2 mins earlier stretching, he would have been mown down without a doubt! I can't be trusted! 

Tried another run last Thurs and did around 4.5 miles and could have cried (I did a little bit when I got home) and got straight on the phone to the Physio, decided to rest Friday – went to Slimming world Friday morning having done 3 good gym sessions, 76 length swim, a clubbercise class and a 4.5 mile run since my last weigh in the Friday before and put on half a pound – now by any measure that is a good lot of exercise for the week and I hadn’t been particularly naughty with my eating so what’s that all about?

Saturday we went down to London to the BLF training day – great time there – though we had a training session and me being me decided my dodgy calf wasn’t going to beat me so I went out on the training run – did the warm up run to the park then 1 lap of the park and had to pull up – had another cry on the guys shoulder through sheer frustration (an elite athlete trainer who knows his stuff – has worked with Mo Farrah...!) and he was so lovely and positive, says he sees it all the time and that I am to try the run walk method on race day to get me round in 5h 30.  When we got back to the office we all had to stretch out etc so were all lying in close proximity to each other pulling our knees up and over etc. Had a little giggle to myself wondering whether anyone would have a “Miranda” moment  in the quiet room – think it would have made my day – thankfully I didn't, ha ha!


Met some truly inspiring people, heard some unbelievable facts about the BLF – lung disease is the third biggest killer in the UK and yet the BLF only raises about 6 Million per year against around 500 million for the British Heart Foundation and around 800 million for Cancer research. Even the donkey sanctuary raises more than the BLF – now I love Donkeys but come on!

We learned loads about running posture and technique, health and nutrition (this is going to play havoc with slimming world) and crucially how to pose as we run over the finish line, making sure we are not alongside a Rhino, Scooby Doo or anyone carrying a washing machine etc. Think given the time I’m guesstimating I will finish there is a distinct possibility the above folk may well be beside me, or will beat me – let’s just hope it’s not the man in the old fashioned iron diving suit who walks about 2 miles per hour – then I’m really in trouble!


Did a 64 length swim and an hour bike on Sunday, then an 88 length swim with my buddy Lorna on Monday – we are very good at  annoying all the lovely breaststroke swimmers who swim so beautifully (and slowly!!!) in the fast lane until we get in  - we clear that lane very quickly, ha ha!

Tuesday 3rd

Had my physio app today – she said it’s a calf strain (phew) and though I can’t run for up to two weeks I should be back up and running soonish. Might mean I can’t do the Ashby 20  but I have to have my eye on the main race now and not push myself to do the Ashby if I’m not up to that distance (20 miles). Hopefully next time I write something it’ll be about me running again (crossed fingers / toes etc)