Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are an important weapon in the modern fight against crime. Surveillance of places, people, inventory or actions can be achieved through the use of Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) systems. CCTV equipment can be used in both internally and externally to monitor property, vehicles or valuables items. CCTV equipment can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people, theft and vandalism are all substantially reduced. If an incident does occur, CCTV system can provide valuable recordings for evidence purposes.

A properly installed and managed CCTV system can dramatically reduce crime levels. Drops as high as 90% have been recorded where a highly visible CCTV system has been installed in certain locations, i.e. in car parks.

PSTV Ltd offer a free survey, design and advisory service with a comprehensive range of CCTV Systems with an ever increasing product ranges and technology constantly evolving to optimise performance, functionality PSTV Ltd can offer advise you on the ideal solution for your specific application and provide a bespoked solution within a projected budget.

We provide CCTV equipment from many of the UK’s leading manufacturers. These are priced and designed individually to meet the necessary requirements of each client.